As the belief in the power of developing original and unique content grows, here are some quick and easy to implement content marketing tips that will immediately make your site more search engine friendly.

  1. Create plenty of non-product content that helps inspire the customer to make a purchase, such as how-to articles, style tips, videos, etc. Make sure it’s easily accessible and serve it side by side with product content to create the easiest path to purchase.
  2. Eliminate keyword tunnel vision when it comes to content creation. Generate quality content that will engage and interest the customer, and thereby encourage more natural quality links to your page.
  3. Wipe out duplicate content and copy scraped from other sources, and replace with originally written material. Yes, you may need a copywriter if you don’t have the skills in-house. It will be worth it.
  4. Write your product descriptions with love – don’t blow an opportunity to convert by disappointing customers with a keyword-bloated, barely literate, uninspiring description.
  5. Track any changes you make to your content to see what works – success metrics are increased conversion rates, reduced bounce rates, increased social sharing and increased natural search traffic.

The best content wins – good luck.

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