Most companies understand the importance of creating a story around their brand. It can turn a faceless corporation into a human entity, allowing customers to engage. But many companies don’t understand just how to get this story across to their audience through every aspect of their site.

Here are 3 quick and easy tips you can implement now to make sure you’re not neglecting your brand story:

1. FAQs

Yes, your customers look at your FAQs to answer their questions. But when you’re telling them how long it will take for their products to be delivered, why not add a bit of you brand’s voice as well?

Check out this example from Tinyme. It tells you what you need to know, but it reinforces what makes Tinyme special (its cute and quirky tone of voice and its personalised products):

Tinyme FAQs

2. About Us

Sure, you want your About Us page to show that you are a trusted company. By all means, talk about the year you were established. Talk about your heritage. Talk about your company structure. Mention whatever is important to you. But don’t forget to mention what’s important to your audience. Check out the About Us section on CatchofTheDay’s site. It’s got the facts and figures and the important company information. But it also adds a personal side, with a photo of the CatchOfTheDay family. At the end of the day, knowing the stats on web traffic, sales and security are reassuring, but a photo of the people behind the site is what will help conversions:


3. Product Descriptions

We cannot stress this highly enough. Our clients are probably sick of hearing us talk about unique product descriptions, but we’re passionate about them for good reason. Not only are they vital for SEO, but they’re vital for your brand integrity. Check out the example from Modcloth below. Not only is the product description consistent with the brand, but it will actually entice the customer to purchase.  It’s not about keyword stuffing. It’s not about getting things up as quickly as possible and using manufacturer specs. It’s about your brand. And your customer. In fact, Modcloth get it so right, they don’t even refer to it as a Description, they refer to it as The Story. Need we say more?

Modcloth Product Description

Brand storytelling evolves in many different forms, but it’s vital to be consistent throughout every aspect of your business. Product descriptions, FAQs and an About Us section appear on almost any retail site. Making sure this content is in keeping with the story you tell about your company and your brand’s voice is essential. It’s a wasted opportunity not to use these to your advantage.