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Optimising Product Images

Did you know optimising product images on your site can lead to higher traffic and search engine rankings? Here's some advice on what you need to do to see results.

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Ad Blocking and What it Means for Content Marketing

In mid-2015, Apple quietly announced that iOS 9 would allow the use of [...]

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Video in Content Marketing

With YouTube the second largest search engine today, video is the latest buzzword for marketers across the board. It's a great means to engage with your customers and increase brand awareness, and it's not as expensive to produce as you might think.

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Influencer outreach in five easy steps

The centrepiece of any good content marketing strategy is obviously quality content. But content is not much use to you if the only people seeing it are your staff and a devoted (but not particularly influential) following of family and friends. Enter influencer outreach.

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How (and when) to use hashtags

If you’re not using hashtags across your social platforms, you’re potentially missing out on the opportunity to tap into a larger share of your market.

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Why brands are becoming publishers – and why you should too

Storytailing: the convergence of publishing and retail to create engaging, interactive, cross-device content for the customer. When brands are authentic in doing this, they have a real chance to create content worth paying attention to.

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5 SMEs kicking goals with content

If you thought content marketing was only for the big guys, think again. Here are five Aussie SMEs making an impact with content.

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Best content marketing memes

Enjoy this Friday afternoon round-up of our favourite content marketing memes.

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How to perform a content audit

Launching into a content marketing strategy without doing a content audit is like throwing yourself into a marathon without training. Here's how to assess the ‘health’ of your web content.

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How to measure the value of your content

You’ve been plugging away, diligently creating a regular blog. Maybe you’ve even dipped a toe into social media. But how do you know if your content strategy is working for you?

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