It’s Friday afternoon and it’s nearly Christmas – must be time for a round-up of Content Bloopers. Here are some doozies that have found their way to us throughout the year. Enjoy!
Placement is everything…

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.30.28 pm

Uh-oh, someone didn’t think this one through…

Grand Theft Auto

How about some R-rated Grand Theft Auto with your Peppa Pig? Best Toy Prices? I guess it depends how you define ‘toy’!

The convergence of print and online?

Harcourts-real-estate-New-Zealand-Click-here copy
This is what happens when the proofreader takes annual leave…


Sephora’s marketing team marked the opening of its Sydney store with a lesson for us all: How to Write an Attention-grabbing Headline 101…

laoding bay

This is where the company’s employees come to shout when it all gets too much.


No hiding the author’s feelings here…

scholarship-fund-typo copy

Please support this school – it needs all the help it can get.


When the blanket itself is just not enough to keep you warm…