What’s your excuse for not blogging? Maybe you think it’s time-consuming or that it isn’t the most effective way of reaching your customers. Perhaps you think it won’t lead to conversions. Well, we’ve got news for you. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly using blogs to raise their brand’s profile, generate leads and boost their SEO. Here’s why a blog should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

1. It’s a great way to talk to customers Essentially, a blog gives your company a voice and an opportunity to share your brand story. It’s the perfect platform to give an insight into your company, philosophy and staff. Use your blog to tell customers how you can help them and to share relevant news and information. You can comment on market trends, announce new products or services, and share event information. Each post is your opportunity to connect with readers behind your website and keep them informed and up to date.

2. It’s the heart of your digital marketing strategy A great blog post – whether it contains a news story, expert opinion, behind-the-scenes photos of your business or a how-to video – deserves to be shared, so use it to feed your social media accounts. Updating your Facebook company pages, sending a tweet or uploading an image to Instagram gets a whole lot easier when you have great content being regularly posted on your blog. Plus, you can share this content on LinkedIn and in e-newsletters, or collate several posts to form an eBook.

3. It gives you insight into your audience If you are feeling stuck for inspiration, simply look at your content management system to see which posts have gained the most attention – what are the categories and keywords that people respond to? What phrases are they searching for? Use this data to help you decide what topics you want to tackle in the future, and think about how you can meet your customers’ needs based on the things they are already looking at on your business blog or responding to via social media.

4. It builds trust Remember the conversation should be two-way, so encourage comments from customers – responding to feedback (whether it’s positive or negative) is a great way of showing people that customer service and satisfaction is important to you – and reassure them that they can easily contact you if necessary. You can also form a relationship with your audience by regularly uploading relevant content to your blog. Position yourself as an industry expert and thought leader by talking about market trends and current news items – your readers will soon start regarding you as an authority and come to trust your brand.

5. It helps people find you You’ve heard a lot of fuss being made about SEO and, while it might sound complex, it’s actually very simple. By using keywords, phrases that people might search for and targeted information in your posts, a blog will ramp up your SEO, which aims to maximise a website’s exposure and give it a high ranking in a search engine’s results page. In addition, each time you post content to your blog or share it across social media you have the opportunity to direct people to your website.