Trying to keep on top of current search ranking factors can feel a bit like catching confetti with a pair of tweezers. While Google has only made a few major algorithm updates, there are a couple of minor tweaks being made every day. In fact, it is estimated that the search juggernaut made around 500 algorithm changes in 2014 alone. Most of the changes are relatively innocuous, but some have the potential to send your website traffic hurtling south like a meteor. So it’s important to at least keep abreast of the most important ones.

That’s where this great little infographic (below) from Search Engine Land comes in handy. First released in 2011, and updated again in 2013, this latest release of the Period Table of SEO Success Factors is its third incarnation. (In case you’re wondering, we have no affiliation with Search Engine Land, we just happen to think this infographic is a little nugget of gold.)

The Period Table splits ranking factors into On-the-page and Off-the-page factors. On-the-page factors are those that you, as the site’s publisher, have complete control over (e.g. content quality, use of relevant keywords etc.). Off-the-page factors are those that are influenced by external elements such as readers, visitors and other publishers (e.g. inbound links and social shares). The table is then divided into seven categories (content, architecture, HTML, trust, links, personal and social), including positive and negative factors. Each element in the table is also given a weighting to indicate its relative importance.

The 2015 version of the Periodic Table includes a few new elements, including Vertical Search, Direct Answers and HTTPS, while weightings have been adjusted for some of the existing elements. For more on the changes in the latest version, check out this outline from Search Engine Land.

So, without further ado, here is the latest version of The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors (used with permission).