Optimising Product Images

Did you know optimising product images on your site can lead to higher traffic and search engine rankings? Here's some advice on what you need to do to see results.

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Why content matters

Content is vital for success online. Not convinced? Check out our top 5 reasons why content matters so you know what all the fuss is about.

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Introducing polls to engage customers

Get the conversation flowing with current or potential customers by using polls and questionnaires. Polls are a great way to engage your customers with questions that build loyalty or provide valuable information to improve your service or product offering. But how do you use this feedback effectively?

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Writing the ultimate product descriptions

Product descriptions are key to online sales. They're certainly not the sole conversion factor but go a long way to drive site traffic through SEO. They can also inform and lead site visitors to make buying decisions. We share our e-commerce expertise for writing the ultimate product descriptions.

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Content marketing eBook: Supercharge your content marketing efforts

Content is crucial: it's a well-worn adage. As the digital realm heats up and cluttered marketplaces swell, branded content continues to rise in importance. We unfold the phenomenon in our Content Marketing eBook, uncovering the merits, challenges and best practice principles.

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Getting visual with content: Are images more powerful than words?

Content is often associated with words, but visual aspects like images and video have just as much (if not more) impact on audience engagement and business metrics.

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New era of content calls for strategic content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy is equally as important as the content itself, clearly spelling out desired business goals, staged implementation plans and return on investment values.

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An oldie but a goodie: Google’s Matt Cutts on quality content and links

In this video, Google’s Matt Cutts discusses what’s more important when it comes to quality content or inbound links on a website.

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Content in context equals conversion

Content curation will assist online businesses with conversion, drive up search rankings and increase site traffic. Sneaking Duck is an online retailer that has mastered the best practices.

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SEO advice direct from Google

This excellent video from Google provides some highly valuable SEO advice for start-ups. A must-read before you build your next site.

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