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Ad Blocking and What it Means for Content Marketing

In mid-2015, Apple quietly announced that iOS 9 would allow the use of [...]

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8 uses for Twitter lists

Twitter Lists allow you to organise followers and tailor tweets to specific groups, from industry influencers to your customers. Power Content takes a look at how you can use them to your best advantage.

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Twitter tools to arm yourself with

There's an arsenal of Twitter tools out there to help your tweets stand out in the feed. From analysing your followers, to sussing out which hashtags to use, here's Power Content's tool belt must-haves.

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Twitter tips to help promote your brand

Twitter runs second to Facebook when it comes to the top brands' preferred marketing channel on social. But as Facebook's audience stagnates, Twitter has an opportunity to claim the top spot. Read our tips to ensure your brand is Twitter ready should it happen.

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12 tips for mastering Instagram

You've got Facebook for communication. Twitter for news. Pinterest for inspiration. So how does Instagram fit into the equation?

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Mythbusting: social media marketing

Like it or loathe it, social media is here to stay – so what’s stopping you joining the masses who are tweeting, ‘liking’ and interacting on a daily basis?

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Five reasons why you need a business blog

It can build your profile, generate leads and boost SEO. So what are you waiting for? Here’s why a blog should be part of your digital marketing strategy.

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How to track ROI from your social media strategy

Content creation might be behind much of your marketing spend for 2014, so it’s important to have a strategy in place to measure your return on investment.

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How to use Instagram as a content marketing tool

You might already post pictures to Facebook and Twitter, but for a truly visual content marketing tactic, it’s time to embrace the aesthetic appeal of Instagram.

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How to use Twitter as a content marketing tool

Clocking up 5700 tweets every second Twitter, the micro-blogging site that limits posts to 140 characters, offers a constant stream of commentary, gossip and news from more than 560 million users around the world.

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