Video in Content Marketing

With YouTube the second largest search engine today, video is the latest buzzword for marketers across the board. It's a great means to engage with your customers and increase brand awareness, and it's not as expensive to produce as you might think.

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12 tips for mastering Instagram

You've got Facebook for communication. Twitter for news. Pinterest for inspiration. So how does Instagram fit into the equation?

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Video content: bringing brands, products and services to life

As technology continues to advance at exponential pace, video content is rising in the digital marketing stakes. Many e-commerce and online companies are experimenting with digital content to bring their online channel to life. We look at a few of our favourite examples.

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Getting visual with content: Are images more powerful than words?

Content is often associated with words, but visual aspects like images and video have just as much (if not more) impact on audience engagement and business metrics.

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