Video content has the power to engage and invoke in the virtual world. Using various styles of content helps to cater for both the left and right brain and will get your company, products and messages in front of more people.

Research analysts continue to link video with conversion and customer engagement in the e-commerce space. Econsultancy found that shoe retailer Zappos increased sales by up to 30 percent after incorporating videos on its product pages. Similarly, Power Retail‘s 2012 Online Retail Benchmarking Study found an increasing number of Australian retailers are using quality imagery and art direction to engage site visitors and get sales over the line. Forty-two percent of the 500 online and multichannel retail businesses surveyed said they use photographs supplied by the manufacturer, while 38 percent have in-house photographers who shoot all product imagery and videos, 17 percent outsource the work to photographers and three percent don’t use images or videos.

The power of video in the dollar sense

Instructional videos are integral to online success – short, helpful videos describing how a product or service works or showing it in action. You don’t need high production values to succeed – US retailer uses videos of in-house experts showing the product features to great effect, and credits videos as playing a significant part in increasing conversions. Below is an example of an eBags product video. The educational videos are designed to show the products in use and detail complicated features that are hard to communicate through static product shots and descriptions. Providing potential customers with valuable information may assist with their buying decisions and help to get a sale over the line.

As mentioned earlier, Zappos excels in the area of product-related and non product-related content. Its online store has over 200,000 product videos on-site and through its You Tube channel since 2011. The below video is an example of the product content featured on The cost of producing this digital content is kept at a ow as the company uses its own ‘expert’ buyers to show off the products and details the product specs instead of using professional models or actors.

How-to videos that capture an audience’s attention and provide valuable information will drive user engagement, search value and your bottom line. It’s also more likely this sort of content will be shared on social media channels, with viewers compelled to tweet, cross-post and share content they have gained from or enjoyed. Brewspace is an online marketplace for specialty coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and aims to be Australia’s first true storytailing destination, combining compelling content and retailing in a one-stop interactive store. The below video is an example of the engaging content that features on the online magazine and its You Tube channel. The video offers up educational advice related to specialty coffee in an entertaining manner.

Drive brand awareness and capture new customers

Video is a powerful online tool and has rapidly become one of the most engaging and low-cost marketing mediums. Video is flexible and can be used in many different ways through multiple distribution channels. Whether you choose to launch a full-scale video campaign or test the waters with low-cost video content on your blog or products pages, make sure to track the results. The analytics thus far for the examples above show video can enhance a web presence and convert tentative enquiries into solid sales.